Fall 2020 School Updates - Read Details


Fall 2020 School Updates - Read Details


Our Head of School Welcomes You

Welcome to Rainard a Houston Private School for Gifted Children.
Tara Tomicic, Ph.DHead of SchoolRainard School for Gifted Children
Our school is truly unique. Here, our children find a place where they thrive socially, emotionally, and academically—sometimes for the very first time in a school environment.

Rainard continues to be the inspiring environment that it has been since its founding in 1986. It is a place where we are focused on the abilities and needs of gifted children. We are able to provide a place where students can learn in small classrooms, where they can play in puddles, where they can ask hard questions, where they can work with passionate teachers and where they can find joy in learning.

Please spend some time with us and determine if Rainard is a good fit for your child and family. If it is, I hope you’ll join us.

The Board of Directors are

Natalya Bichr

Elena Shoshitaishvili PhD

Ron Millikan

Leighton Moreland

Dr. VijayYechoor

Tara Tomicic

Renee Thomas