Tuition, Fees, and Requirements

Rainard School for Gifted Students Tuition

You search and search for a school for your child who’s struggling to find the right environment that will nurture their Gifted trait, then you finally find one that seems like a good fit. The next, difficult question may be, “can my family afford the education my child needs?”

Rainard makes tuition as all-inclusive as possible so you are not surprised with fees or expenses throughout the year.

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Tuition & Fees

Budget Influences

Tuition revenue set to cover 90-95% of expenses

Small class sizes of ten to twelve students

Competitive salaries and benefits for faculty and staff

Ongoing professional training for all employees

Curriculum and school supplies

Monthly field trips


Classroom materials


Current Tuition Rates

Tuition Includes:

Enrollment Fee: Pre-K ½ Day Pre-K Full Day Primary: K-1st Grade Elementary Intermediate Middle School
$1,000.00 due upon acceptance & applied towards your tuition. $10,933 $18,363 $18,363 $19,126 $19,781 $21,194

Additional Cost

Payment plans incur interest ranging from 4%-10%

3.5% fee for non-cash and non-check payments

Before and After Care
7:30-8:00 AM & Until 5:45 PM

$4,158 Pre-Paid (All Students)

Before Care 7:30 to 8:00 AM $6

After Care Until 5:45 PM $12/hour

Deposit Only $150

Supplies & Technology $800.00

Elementary students participate in one overnight field trip in the Spring which incurs an additional cost ranging from $150-$300.

Intermediate students participate in extended field trips which include overnights in both the Fall and Spring incurring additional costs ranging from $200 (Fall) to $800 (Spring).

Middle students participate in both in-state and out-of-state extended field trips which include overnights in the Fall and Spring incurring additional costs ranging from $200 (Fall) to $2,400 (Spring).

Additional Info

Discount Applies To Younger Sibling

Tuition Is Pro-rated If Student Doesn’t Start School The First Day Of School

For Additional Payment Arrangement Please Call The Accounting Department

Annual Before And After Care Fees (After Care Is Not Available For Students In Half Day Prek)