What our parents say

The day our child visited Rainard was like a gift from heaven. The next morning as he headed back to his school, he said, “I wish I could build a time machine so that I could make today yesterday and go back to Rainard.” At Rainard, our happy child is back. We see the joy of learning in his eyes that had faded away. He loves school now. His complaints of stomach aches vanished and he has made good friends.

He is challenged intellectually, participating in peer groups and is thriving! Every day, he talks nonstop about his school day, the projects they are working on and what new work he has been assigned by his teacher. We cannot say enough positive things about Rainard!

Rainard is the right place for us. The small classes and character of the school encourage daily contact with our daughters’ excellent and caring teachers. Any classroom or educational issues are dealt with promptly; goals can be made and adjusted easily this way. The administration is very open and interested in dialogue— there is no bureaucracy, tenure problems, or red tape. We feel the parents are true partners with the school. Very refreshing.

Our daughters have been high-performers and we feel we could send them to any public or private school in Houston. We chose Rainard. Other schools may promise a differentiated curriculum for the gifted student, but Rainard actually delivers. Our daughters wake up eager to go and are sorry to have the summer off!

Through a very fortunate series of events, our child ended up at Rainard. What a difference. Our son knows everyone in his class, he can name all their interests and, in return, they “get” him. They sing songs about the periodic table. He is encouraged to do science experiments at home and present his work to the class. He has gone from tolerating writing in his journal to almost enjoying it. He now has playdates!

The teachers at Rainard are remarkable. They understand these kids, know how to keep them engaged and make learning fun—and they don’t limit the depth of the topics, which has led to some very interesting dinner conversations for our family. I have to keep my iPad close by so I can fact-check.

As a former public school teacher for gifted children I never thought I would send my child to a private school. Yet, the experience of having my own highly gifted child changed everything I thought to be true about education. As a teacher, I knew gifted children were sensitive. Yet as a parent, I saw this sensitivity permeate through all aspects of my child’s life. I knew that the chaotic environment of a large school would be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, so I sought an alternative environment.

The peaceful natural environment of Rainard is calming and my child thrives with the unstructured outdoor time that is allowed. My child is very happy at school—so much so that he loathes summer break because he longs to be back at Rainard. I don’t think this would be true elsewhere.