Meredith Dewey

Meredith Dewey

Meredith Dewey

Director of Admissions and Marketing

Ms. Meredith Dewey is the Director of Admissions and Marketing.


Ms. Dewey worked at American Cancer Society-Houston from 2007-2010. In 2010, she was offered a position at the corporate office of Goodwill Industries of Houston handling the marketing and media relations as well as serving as the official spokesperson for the enterprise. After completing four years at Goodwill, Meredith was hired at LifeHouse of Houston to handle the marketing and events. She served in the position for two years and then was promoted to CEO serving at the helm of the organization for five years.

Joined Rainard



“Rainard is an exciting place to be because it is the only school of its kind. Offering an emotionally safe place for gifted kids to thrive, learn, and grow is incredibly rewarding to be a part of. The school is a light in the community that will continue to light the way for many children and years to come.”—Ms. Meredith Dewey.