Lauren McCallum

Lauren McCallum

Lauren McCallum

Pre-K Language Arts and Social Studies

Mrs. McCallum is the Physical Education teacher for all levels and the Pre-K and Primary Enrichment teacher.


Mrs. McCallum previously worked at Rainard as a Pre-K and Primary teacher. For several years, she taught American Sign Language to children in grades 1st-12th. In addition to teaching in private schools and private lessons, she has volunteered with special needs children at Camp Blessing and at her church. One of her favorite summertime activities has been serving as the sports coordinator for VBS.


Lone Star College



Rainard Difference

Rainard is special because it truly is where every child can experience a sense of belonging, often for the first time. Students are encouraged to be themselves and explore learning in unique ways. Our tight-knit community allows teachers to invest more time into fostering student growth and enables us to meet each child where they are. Students look forward to coming to school each day, and as a teacher, nothing is more rewarding than watching young minds discover the joy of learning.