Summer Incitement

Each summer we look forward to opening our campus and sharing the Rainard experience with all gifted children, ages 6-12, in the Houston area.

A Summer of Incitement

Our camp centers around hands-on and experiential learning in a collaborative, multi-age environment. We use critical thinking and problem solving to encourage the complex and higher-level thinking on which gifted children thrive.

Most importantly, we have fun!

Camp attendees will spend one to two weeks being challenged in targeted workshops promoting STEAM possibilities. The workshops will consist of a broad range of disciplines including

  • Medical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Strategy
  • Culinary Arts
  • Theatre
  • Movement
  • Robotics
Your child will experience a fun and engaging series of rotating morning and afternoon workshops throughout the summer camp. Children that participate will have the opportunity to build small robots, perform skits, implement science labs and more! We hope you join us for what will be a truly inspirational summer day camp.