Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) - Read Details


Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) - Read Details

Online Classes

Rainard is successfully teaching our gifted students remotely. We are pleased to share one of the platforms used during this time is Zoom. All of our students have virtual interactions daily with their teachers, including Art, Music, PE, Math, Science, Language Art & Social Studies, and Yoga. Our youngest learners even have Story Time each week!
  • One on one virtual time daily with their teachers
  • Virtual platform is easy to use, even for our youngest learners
  • Core disciplines taught daily
  • At home science projects and labs
  • Weekly interaction with the Head of School
  • Rainard is fully prepared for remote learning if needed

Virtual Platforms

Meaningful learning can happen anywhere. We’re here to support students, teachers, and families with remote learning.

Visit Seesaw

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars

Jupiter ED
Remote Learning is easy and efficient for teachers, students, and parents, thanks to the thoughtfully designed features in Jupiter:

To Do List
For all the student’s classes clearly organized on one screen, so they do not lose track of assignments.

Assignments & Grades
All in one place. No double-entry!

Remote Attendance Recorded automatically. Students simply log in for the required time.

Turn in Photos
Turn in Photos of handwritten work. Draw feedback directly on the photo (no download/upload). Students see when their work is returned.

Online Writing
Assignments let you comment directly in the text, like Google Docs but more specialized for grading.

Online Discussion
Forums, blogs, and surveys.

Interactive Lessons
Interactive Lessons are easy to create, with images, videos, and practice questions for students to try with immediate feedback.

Online Tests
Automatically graded for multiple-choice, matching, and more. Quickly grade write-in answers or set answer keys.

Text & Email
Fully integrated, so all messages and forums are in one place.

Mobile App
For Android, iPhone, and iPad.

French lesson

Science Elementary Projects