Not every child will learn at the same pace or speed, but that is normal. However, seeing your child outshine others may lead you to think that your ward is gifted. This may be an accurate assumption; however, it is important to know for sure whether they do actually fall into this category or not.

Parents often realize in the early days if the gifted characteristics are present or not. Usually, it is the best strategy to provide your talented child with materials and opportunities to interact. Appropriate responses can go a long way.

Is IQ Testing The Only Way To Asses Gifted Abilities In A Child?

No, IQ tests are certainly not the only way to judge whether your child has special talents. It is merely one tool that can be of help for initial identification.

Ways to Identify If Your Child Is A Gifted Individual

The good news is that now, most schools use additional information about the students’ work rather than plainly relying on IQ test scores.

It is an optimal way to go for groups to measure achievements through aptitude and intelligence.

There are many factors that can influence IQ test scores, such as environmental disturbances, brain fog, inaccurately recorded answers, etc.

Schools now use two objectives and other observational data for determining gifted individuals. The starting point is the teacher’s or parents’ self-nomination for further evaluation. Teachers nominating the child have certain restrictions because if he slacks off work and acts like a class clown with a non-serious attitude, the teacher will most likely not put the name.

However, schools also make use of a “matrix” design. This values the teacher’s insights as well.

  1. Teacher completed checklists
  2. Subject grading
  3. Aptitude test score
  4. Sometimes (less likely) parents’ nomination
  5. Self-nomination

Learning Abilities

It is usual for gifted children to exhibit an increased desire to learn. Although this is not comprehensible only by mere observation, there are some characteristics that gifted children show.

  • Quick learning ability
  • Intriguing questions
  • To have extra information
  • High focus on subject of interest
  • Exceptional memory
  • Gifted children enjoy learning
  • Highly confident in their ability to think outside the box

Emotions and Behavioral Patterns

Talented children display emotional maturity earlier than age, along with strong leadership qualities. It is not uncommon for the majority to associate gifted abilities with being smart.

However, they are empathetic to a fault and also display the ability to relate easily to adults. Moreover, traits such as:

  • Fast speech
  • high-energy
  • They enjoy spending alone time

Summing Up

We make sure to have parents fill out applications for assessment of their child if they know about their gifted nature at Rainard. We tend to see the child’s abilities of who they are beyond the IQ score. Why don’t you get in touch with us for more details? Our staff will be more than happy to answer your queries.