Core Belief — Gifted students benefit from an educational setting in which they experience a sense of belonging and support.

  • We provide a warm and accepting atmosphere in which students, families, faculty, and staff can support each other.
  • Every student’s differences and diversity is embraced, and students encourage, inspire, and motivate one another through regular engagement and interaction.
  • Our environment fosters personal responsibility, empathy, ethical behavior, productive citizenship, and mutual respect.
  • Students are encouraged to find meaningful ways to serve both the school and the greater community.


Core Belief — Many gifted students are asynchronous learners and have intense interests that require an individualized approach to their education.

  • Our small class sizes, low student/teacher ratio, multi-age/multi-grade classrooms, and personalized instruction is designed to meet the needs of each learner.
  • Students’ academic, social, and emotional needs are nurtured through our school’s intimate setting, through our curriculum that emphasizes responsibility and caring, and through the interactive nature of our indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • We celebrate and reinforce the student’s own interests through experiential and problem-based learning tailored to the individual.


Core Belief — The divergent and multimodal thinking of gifted students creates an intense desire for exploration and in-depth knowledge.

  • We support student inquiry through engaging learning experiences; such as frequent field trips, self-directed projects, and collaboration with peers.
  • We emphasize critical thinking through creative and innovative problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills, and information literacy.
  • Our program develops leadership skills, encourages character-building experiences, and promotes a lifelong joy of learning.