Middle School

Our Middle School classrooms challenge students to develop greater responsibility for what they learn and how they think. As work becomes more challenging and involved, there is an emphasis on abstract thinking and in-depth character development. Middle School students also continue their path to becoming both contributing and caring citizens.
In our Middle School classrooms, students are encouraged to expand their love of learning. To prepare for High School and other advanced education, they work on building their foundational skills in core subjects and expand their educational journey into both hands-on, experimental, and in-depth explorations of exciting and challenging topics.

Differentiated Learning

Differentiated learning is a vital component in all Rainard classrooms, especially during the critical transition years of Middle School. Our gifted education begins with our small class sizes—without a low student/teacher ratio, genuine differentiated learning cannot take place.

When students receive continual attention, teachers are able to deliver individual learning plans, on-going evaluation of needs and abilities, and personal attention to social and emotional development. These crucial elements afford Rainard students the differentiated learning environment that gifted students need to thrive and reach their full potential.

Mixed-age Classrooms

All Rainard classrooms have a mixture of ages in one classroom. Students are placed by ability and with attention to social and emotional fit. Students are continuously evaluated throughout the year for best-fit. The school may recommend a move to a different classroom mid-year if it is in the best interest of the student.

Our Middle School is divided into two classrooms: Intermediate and Preparatory. Middle School students move from one classroom to another throughout the day. They may change as a group based on subject or as an individual to join other classes as appropriate for their particular needs and abilities.

Intermediate Classroom

Our intermediate classroom is focused on students that are focused on their transition from lower School into a more structured school environment.

Preparatory Classroom

Our preparatory classroom is focused on students that are focused on their upcoming transition to High School where there is a stronger need for more autonomous work in and out of the classroom.


Additional learning opportunities are added as appropriate, including health study units, cross-classroom collaborative study units, and specific study units focused on one or more field trip events.

Overnight Trips

With a focus on building independence and comradery, Middle School takes one overnight trip a year. The Intermediate classroom travels to an in-state location for 3-4 nights, while our Preparatory classroom travels out of state together for an entire week.

Individual Study

When a student’s interests or needs reach beyond what is studied at school, parents are encouraged to supplement their child’s education with outside activities, tutors, or lessons. Coordinating schedules with our staff, parents may arrange for students to have tutors or lessons held on campus.

Field Trips

At Rainard, field trips are a regular and important part of our education program at all levels. Middle School field trips are typically closely connected to specific study units to facilitate in-depth, hands-on learning goals.


Students receive numeric grades in Middle School to provide to begin providing critical feedback on their learning. Numeric grades help clarify to what extent they understand and can perform. Students are encouraged to view grades as a motivator and an opportunity for improvement and growth.


In Middle School, students start learning how to manage homework. While homework is not consistently assigned just to assign it, students may have assignments each week that require work at home. Examples include work not completed in class, preparatory work for a new study unit, or an individual project.


Clubs, organizations and afternoon activities round out the school day, including opportunities to study theater and a musical instrument.