Lower School

Lower School students work through core concepts consistent with the overarching curriculum and yearly themes. They are encouraged to engage both deeply and broadly with classmates and teachers in interesting learning. Special projects and break-out sessions allow students and teachers to collaboratively plunge into deeper learning to round out the lesson plans.

Learning Environment

Differentiated learning is a vital component in all Rainard classrooms, even for our youngest students. Our gifted education begins with our small class sizes—without a low student/teacher ratio, genuine differentiated learning cannot take place.

When students receive continual attention, teachers are able to deliver individual learning plans, on-going evaluation of needs and abilities, and personal attention to social and emotional development. These crucial elements afford Rainard students the differentiated learning environment that gifted students need to thrive and reach their full potential

Mixed-age Classrooms

All Rainard classrooms have a mixture of ages in one classroom. Students are placed by ability and with attention to social and emotional fit. Students are continuously evaluated throughout the year for best-fit. The school may recommend a move to a different classroom mid-year if it is in the best interest of the student.

Our Lower School is divided into three classrooms: Pre-K, Primary, and Elementary. Lower School has all core lessons in with their main teachers in their homeroom. They move as a group to other classrooms for Specials.

Pre-K Classroom

Our Pre-K classroom is approximately equivalent to Pre-K and Kindergarten programs in a traditional school.

Primary Classroom

Our Primary classroom is approximately equivalent to the 1st and 2nd Grades in a traditional school.

Elementary Classroom

Our Elementary classroom is approximately equivalent to the 3rd and 4th Grades in a traditional school.

Field Trips

At Rainard, field trips are a regular and important part of our education program at all levels.


Students in Lower School classrooms receive word grades: Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, or Excellent.


In Lower School, students are not regularly assigned homework. Yet, from time to time, a student may need to complete assignments not finished in class or work on a special project at home.