The History of Rainard

Starting with a Dream

Lorraine Bouchard, Ed. D. had a vision for a school where gifted children could find intellectual stimulation, creative opportunities, and emotional support they desperately needed. She envisioned a school that was not only strong academically but also fun and flexible—the kind of school that would spark the imagination and allow gifted students to thrive.

In 1986, Rainard opened in a converted country home along the Katy Freeway. Several times a day the railroad sounded its horn and roared past the school. Interstate 10 had a grassy median then, and the property’s caretakers shared honey from their beehives and eggs from their chickens with the school.

From its founding, Rainard provided a connection to a rich, natural environment – a campus with trees, grass, and puddles. By 2005 the school had outgrown its original location and purchased its current location on Timberline Road.

Starting with a Dream

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Gifted Education

The connection to nature remains vital for breaks between classes, lunch beneath the oak trees, and class investigations of the rich natural environment.

In Rainard’s first year, the doors opened to children ages 4-6, and by the end of the year, there were five students enrolled. The school added grades and students in subsequent years. In 1996 Rainard added a middle school. After significant interest from area parents, the school added a Pre-K class in 2015. Rainard now serves gifted students from Pre-K through 8th grade.

Over the years, the school has refined curriculum, tailored offerings to students, and incorporated best practices from ongoing research of gifted education. The core mission of providing an exceptional education for the needs and abilities of gifted students has remained the focus of the school. Since the Fall of 1986, and every school day after, Rainard has been dedicated to providing a challenging and creative education to our students and to inspire joy in learning.