Is My Child Gifted?

In the very simplest of terms, a gifted child is one with an exceptional native intelligence.

However, it is not always so simple. Only a very small portion of gifted individuals are equally exceptional in all areas. A more common expression of giftedness is asynchronous development. That is learners that are highly advanced in one or more areas of development, while being average in others.

This is why not all gifted individuals will fit the criteria of having a uniformly high general IQ score. A child can score very highly in one section of an IQ test while scoring below average in another and still be considered gifted.

The combination of advanced cognitive abilities and an increased intensity creates a rich inner world and awareness that can be very different from the standard.

Gifted Traits

Often, parents, and teachers see a consistent set of traits in gifted children, as detailed in this list. One thing to keep in mind, while many gifted children display these traits. Not all gifted children display every item on this list all of the time.


  • Acquires and retains information quickly
  • Inquisitive attitude and intellectual curiosity
  • Thinks critically and asks probing questions
  • Unusual capacity for memory
  • Creative and inventive; likes new ways of doing things
  • Enjoys problem-solving and intellectual activity
  • Asks probing questions
  • Enjoys structure and organization or Struggles with organization


  • Highly empathetic
  • Tendency to develop intense interests
  • Discrepancy between personal/social skills and intellectual skills
  • Diverse interests and abilities; versatility
  • Perfectionist tendencies
  • Strong sense of humor


  • Easily bored
  • Self-taught
  • Learns quickly
  • Creative problem-solver

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