Founder of Rainard School for Gifted Students

Lorraine Bouchard

Lorraine Bouchard

When you can’t find exactly what you want, then you make it yourself — which is why I created Rainard, What did I want? A haven for gifted learners designed on a progressive model. Small classes so that students can be known and their needs addressed. Classes unfettered by rigid divisions into grades. Mixed-age grouping for all its benefits. Emphasis on learning and de-emphasis on testing and grading. A day’s schedule centered around learning rhythms rather than bus routes and specials’ schedules. Ready access to the joys and inspiration of a nature-filled campus. The agility to partake in community opportunities and horizons beyond through extensive field trips. A dynamic curriculum that can respond to current events. I wanted a school where it is as enriching and exciting to teach as it is to learn.

In 1986, Rainard School’s founder, Lorraine Bouchard, Ed. D., had a vision for a unique school where gifted children could find intellectual stimulation, creative opportunities, and emotional support lacking in the traditional school setting.

In this blog, Dr. Bouchard shares her experience and expertise with gifted and often twice exceptional students by providing helpful tools for professionals, parents, and teachers to support and guide gifted children in their learning.

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