Fall 2020 School Updates - Read Details


Fall 2020 School Updates - Read Details

Our Curriculum

Our underlying curriculum is the road map for day-to-day student learning. Basic skills are developed through continuous progress according to the needs and abilities of the student, rather than grade-level expectations. Subject content mastery is evaluated and goals are set individually for each student by discipline.

Rotating Themes

At Rainard, we use our own unique, school-wide, year-long learning themes. While the underlying curriculum serves as the baseline guide for studies, each of these learning themes provides inspiration and focus for learning opportunities, including classroom investigations, class projects, reading selections, and field trips.

These year-long, major themes rotate every three years.
They are:

Uniquely Human

What makes humans unique among
life forms?


How does this driving force
affect us?

Spaceship Earth

How does our
planet work?

Curriculum by Discipline


The Rainard school uses STEM scopes as its science curriculum.


The school uses Singapore Math Standards Edition for its math curriculum.

Social Studies and Language Arts

Social Studies and Language Arts curriculum are through William and Mary College School of Education.

Pre-K through Primary

Pre-K through Primary include the Oxford early reading program and Jolly Phonics.