Our Campus

Remote Learning

Rainard School for Gifted Students is offering Remote Learning for Prek-8th grade.  This platform will be used in the event the student must be quarantined or if the campus must close for COVID cleaning.

  • The Rainard School will be providing the same challenging and differentiated instruction that we offer in person.
  • We will be streamlining remote learning to a single platform, Google Classroom.
  • Assignments can be posted and turned in, in one place, so that even our youngest learners can access their classes and assignments with very little assistance.
  • Our classes will be livestreamed and can be joined via Google meet or a recording of the live class may be watched at a later time.
  • Students will receive instruction and interaction from their teachers daily.

How Will Remote Learning Work ?

  • Parents will come to the campus to pick-up student supply kit. This supply kit will be used at home and on campus.
  • Rainard will loan students learning remotely a Google Chrome Book if needed. Students may use their own device: computer, laptop, or tablet.
  • Students will log into Google Classroom
  • Classes start at 8:15 am and students will follow the daily class schedule.
  • Assignments must be printed out and ready for class. Students/Parents can find assignments in the “Classwork” and “To-Do” sections in Google Classroom.
  • Headphones are highly recommended as well as a dedicated and quiet learning area for the student to work in daily.


  • Parents will be responsible for making sure their child is logged onto Google Classroom and the live stream platform for their scheduled classes. The on-campus school day begins at 8:15 am.
  • Parents will be responsible for monitoring their child’s behavior and online etiquette when they are attending classes remotely.


  • Students are expected to log onto Google Classroom by 8:15 am.
  • Students are expected to be dressed appropriately while participating on the live steam platform.
  • Students are expected to participate through the live stream platform.
  • Student are expected not to be on other sites or other activities while class is in session.
  • Students must practice appropriate online etiquette while participating in online classes.
  • Students must turn in assignments, test and quizzes on time.

On Campus Instruction

Rainard School for Gifted Students is offering In-Person Instruction for Prek-8th grade. 

  • Students at Rainard will have the opportunity to attend school on campus as long as it is deemed safe.
  • In-person instruction is Mon-Fri from 8:15 am to 3:30 pm.
  • Every other Friday is a half-day with school hours being from 8:15-12:15.
  • On campus instruction will include a blended instructional platform that involves in-person instruction as well as the usage of Google Classroom.

Parents About Rainard

Kids About Rainard

Teachers About Rainard

Our Vision for Tomorrow

The Rainard campus will continue to evolve. Our school’s physical infrastructure and holdings have grown steadily over the years. As we look to the future, our long-range plans continue to incorporate important attributes for the school—accessible size and scale, academic houses, a palpable connection to nature, student-focused spaces, and opportunity for exploration. These are a vibrant and vital component of the Rainard experience.

Our Classrooms

Each multi-age classroom is capped at 12 students. Our small class size, low student-teacher ratio and personalized instruction are designed to meet the unique needs of each learner. Libraries in each classroom are tailored to the students’ interests and abilities. Each grade level has a variety of workspaces including structured seating as well as comfortable couches and chairs. Technology includes campus-wide WIFI, tech-enabled projectors, integrated software suites, computers, tablets, and 3D printers.

A Connection to Nature

Our favorite part of our campus is its connection to nature. Students can see outside from their desks, they eat and play under the oaks between classes and they explore habitats around the school during classroom investigations. This connection to nature has proven benefits from educational research for improving concentration as well as measurably increasing learning and academic performance.

Conveniently Accessible

Located in West Houston, our school is immediately accessible from I-10 and Beltway 8. It is convenient to the Energy Corridor, the Memorial Villages, Spring Branch, Katy, and surrounding areas. We regularly have families join us from all over the Houston area as far away as the Woodlands, Pearland, Sugarland, and all points in-between.

Unique by Design

Our campus is a collection of modular buildings, butterfly gardens, outdoor recreation areas, rustic pathways, and tall, towering trees. While our buildings aren’t fancy, they provide a perfect learning environment for our students.