10 Reasons Why You Should Give A Phone To Your Special Needs Child

Oct 30, 2022

The burning question these days is, “should you give phones to children with special needs?” Well, many think that providing phones is not appropriate for children, regardless of their condition. However, our take is a bit different. You may think that giving phones may open the road to the grave dangers of the online world. […]

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15 month old milestones of your baby

Oct 15, 2022

Behaviors of children are their feelings, masked in the form of a fit. They are curious and want answers to everything. We do think every child is the same, but that’s not true. Every child is budding differently, still, there are certain typical milestones that babies achieve, and if yours is 15 months now, let’s […]

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Want To Become A Special Education Teacher?

Sep 15, 2022

Teaching is one of the toughest jobs because they are in charge of molding the personalities of children that will be responsible for handling the country in the future. It becomes more important when children with special needs are in question. It takes a lot to be a special education teacher, effort, degree, time, and […]

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Is Caffeine Bad For ADHD?

Sep 15, 2022

Caffeine is a miracle content that stimulates mood and increases alertness; the kind of effect everyone wants, especially in the mornings. Many beverages contain caffeine, such as coffee or colas; this is why you feel an energy burst after having them. Caffeine is popular with ADHD patients due to its excitant effect on the brain. […]

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6 Extracurricular Activities to Consider for Your Gifted Children

Aug 30, 2022

Engaging in activities other than academics might be rewarding and beneficial for gifted children. Extracurricular activities are an excellent choice, as they offer them another medium to challenge and enjoy themselves. Meanwhile, your gifted child learns something valuable and enhances their skills. So which extracurricular can you choose for gifted children? We’ll mention some in […]

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