Rainard After School Enrichment Classes

Session 1 September 3rd – December 13th


It’s time to register for our Fall After School Enrichment Classes! Some classes have a minimum registration that must be met so please register as soon as possible. Please be aware that a few classes also have an age requirement. Below are descriptions of each class, along with times, dates and specific requirements. Payment is due prior to the first class, students who have not paid, in full, by the beginning of the session will not be allowed to attend. Once classes begin there are no refunds.

To register, please click HERE.


Hip-Hop Music Production / $450 / K-8th Grade / 3:45-4:45 / Kinetic Vibez

Minimum Enrollment: 4 students

In Kinetic Vibez Hip-Hop Music Production, students will explore the cultural impact that hiphop music has had on the global community- creatively, economically, and socially- through creative project-based learning activities. Students will learn how to make music using Ableton Live. Also, students will gain an understanding of sound waves, frequency, tempo, and timbre during this course to help them better understand music production. Lastly, students will learn how music affects them mentally and emotionally. Students will be able to use the tools learned in this course to create a sense of mindfulness and develop their critical consciousness.


Chess / $450 / 1st – 8th Grade / 3:45-5:00 / The Knight School

Minimum Enrollment: 4 students

Learn Chess the fun way with TKS while building self-confidence and sportsmanship!

What Can Chess Do For My Child?

• Improves focus and attention span • Develops problem solving skills • Teaches logic and consequences • Enhances confidence and fortitude • Creates lifelong planning skills • Utilize real world social skills (IRL)


No Thursday Classes: 11/28, 12/5

Math Club / $450 / 2nd – 6th Grade / 7:15-8:00AM / Dr. Becky Moore

The club’s focus will be working on challenge math problems and problem-solving skills and playing fun math games! We will be forming teams for the Noetic Math Contest in November and April. You don’t have to be in Math Club to be on a team nor do you have to be on a team if you’re in Math Club. We will also do our annual Rubik’s cube mosaic in the spring.

Preparing for math competitions:

  • Noetic Math for 2-8 grade, fall and spring competitions
  • Spring Rubik’s cube mosaic
  • Fun math games
  • Sugary toroidal shapes provided each week!!!

Math Club / $450 / 7th – 8th Grade* / 12:10-1:00 / Dr. Becky Moore

The focus of this club is preparing for the annual MathCounts competition which is held the first Saturday in February. We will be working hard to prepare for the competition during our time at lunch, there will be homework. We will hold a school competition in January to select the team members. We can only take one team of 4 to represent the school but individuals can also participate at the individual level. We will be working on problem solving skills and learning how to apply the math we are learning.

Preparing for math competitions:

  • Noetic Math for 2-8 grade, fall and spring competitions
  • MathCounts for 6-8th grade in the spring
  • Spring Rubik’s cube mosaic • Fun math games

Robotics / $450 / 1st – 8th Grade / 3:45-4:45 / American Robotics

Minimum Enrollment: 4 students

Join us on an adventure that requires creative thought, time management and team communication as groups build a diverse range of off-road vehicles that battle other robots, race against the clock and play tug of war! This class will discuss drive and follower gears and the various ranges of gear ratios. Can a fast vehicle out – perform a robot with lots of power? Here is your chance to learn which gear ratios are associated with speed or torque. Chaos and Havoc rule the day in this ruckus of Robots on the Rampage.


Science Club / $80 / K-4th Grade / 12:20-1:20 / Mrs. Rushing

Club Meets: 9/13, 10/11

Join Mrs. Rushing as she explores the human body through fascinating labs and experiments!

Science Club / $40 / 5th – 8th Grade / 12:20-1:20 / Mrs. Rushing

Club Meets: 9/27

Join Mrs. Rushing as she explores the human body through fascinating labs and experiments!