Behaviors of children are their feelings, masked in the form of a fit. They are curious and want answers to everything. We do think every child is the same, but that’s not true. Every child is budding differently, still, there are certain typical milestones that babies achieve, and if yours is 15 months now, let’s see some of the forts it must have under its reign.

Some Common 15 month old milestones

The trip to the pediatrician is fairly easy; all he’ll do is ask about the milestones your 15 month old child is hitting to assess their development. There are a lot of ordinary in this age.

Here are a few things they will ask.


At this point, 15 month mark, one of the milestones is the appearance of the first molars. This process is painful for some kids and not for others. Sometimes, the pearly whites pop on.

Identifying Process

Your baby will start recognizing and getting what everyday objects are and their function at this age. For example, a broom for sweeping the floor, a spoon for stirring, etc. Some 15-month old can also identify and point to a huge milestone achieved.


Your child starts getting up way before it hits the 15 month old mark. They may take a few steps on their own, too right about now. Only 50% of children this age can fully walk on their own.


This is different. Usually, a 15 month old baby will say at least one to two words. However, for some, it is an addition to the words “dada” or “mama,” forming a vocabulary that has more words such as “dog” or “juice.”

A 15 month baby can use using around 5 to 10 words on a regular basis. It is not necessary that they will be clear and eloquent. It will be more like ca for a cat, but words will have a clear meaning. AT this point, the baby may communicate with gestures and sounds as well.

What should a 15 month old baby be doing?

A 15 month old is the most inquisitive and will be getting into everything, from climbing the furniture to the stairs.

You can also keep your little ones engaged with you. Activities like co-sweeping or washing is a really good exercises for them. This helps in the brain as well as physical development.

Final words

A 15 month old baby may seem like they are acting up, but the reality is that they do not understand this emotion yet. It is just a reaction of what they feel that they want to communicate.

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